Assignment 3 sample

A few sample pictures from my assignment 3 photo essay on Chef Khalil Ali of Peche Patisserie.



Vasant Panchami at the Hindu Prachaar Kendra (HPK)

On Sunday February 9th 2014,The Hindu Prachaar Kendra (HPK) hosted its 17th Annual Vasant Panchami.

Initially for Assignment 1, my group was to do this event, however after reviewing the photos we took it was decided to change our subject. This was my first time using a DSLR camera outside of a classroom setting or casually (using a friends camera to take the random photo at gatherings and such). Even though we decided not to use these photos, it was a great learning experience for me.Image



Low Lighting

Pictures were taken for class on Thursday February 13h 2014. The exercise was to take pictures in low lighting with no flash. These pictures were taken at the Angostura Woodbrook Playboyz panyard on Tragarete Road, Port of Spain.


Depth of Field

Pictures taken for class on Saturday February 1st 2014. The exercise was to take photos with the focus on the foreground, midground and background. 














Aperture Priority

For our first true practical class (25th January, 2014) we experimented with Aperture Priority (Av) on some Canon DSLR cameras. My partner and I used the Canon T2i.

The first subjects we used were children who were at a football practice and we started by following protocol to ask permission from the parents/coaches of the children. We only got permission to use the pictures for practicing photography and made the concession to delete the photos at the end of class. Unfortunately this means that I don’t have any photos to display from this class.

Our second subjects were moving cars and we learned how to pan the camera when taking the shot so that the car was in focus. 

This was my first time truly experimenting with a DSLR camera (not on auto) and it was tricky at the beginning. Being accustomed to the ‘Point and Shoot” method meant that I kept forgetting to check the settings and adjust them. Out of maybe 30-40 shots, only a handful were truly useable. 

Hopefully as this class continues I’ll get more accustomed to the DSLRs and how to utilize them better.

First Day

So…I’m running late in starting my blog properly, but hopefully I’ll be more active from now on.

On our first day of class (16th January 2014) we took pictures of each other and created captions. I used my old Panasonic Lumix TZ5 to take this picture.



SBCS media student Tavorna Nelson is always looking around the corner for the next story. January 16th 2014. Photo by Sarah Ali.